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Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on May 8, 2008

We turned on to Obsidian Avenue, heading the the Slippery Eel. The street seemed quiet. Townspeople walking along. Suddenly the ground began to shake. A building up ahead seemed to crumble and out stepped a nightmare.

The monster was huge. Beyond huge. It turned back to the building and began to finish the demolition. The townspeople seemed only mildly interested. They told us that the building was a warehouse owned by a man who”d gotten on the Mayor”s bad side. Maulvern owned several and buildings warehouses on this street.

We moved closer to the monster. Myntilly threw a lightening bolt at it. That got its attention. It turned and started towards us. Cinder climbed a building for height advantage.
Acgar scanned the street, trying to find a vantage point where she could unleash her breath weapon without harming innocents. There were so many people on the street, she found it challenging.

I tried to focus my thoughts to cast searing light at it. But I did not have the concentration needed; my spell failed. About then, we saw a line of city guards march up behind the monster. They began clanging their swords to their shields, creating a din. The monster whirled around at the noise and suddenly disappeared into the ground! I ran to the hole left behind and dropped to the ground to listen. It sounded as though it was burrowing away from us, to the south.

Possibly it was headed right for an old man with a laden produce cart. Cinder, from her building top vantage could see where I was pointing and see that the old man was in trouble. She swiftly climbed down and hurried to his side.

He seemed as unaware of his danger as the other town folk had been when the monster first appeared. Once Cinder explained, he seemed eager to flee. The problem was that he”d just come down a slight incline. Getting the cart turned around and heading back up the sloping street would take time. “Help me out with this!” he cried. Cinder kept looking off to her left, trying to see and hear what was happening on Obsidian. She heard the sounds of screams and the rumbling of another building around the corner. Were there two monsters? Sensing that she was about to leave him, the old man grabbed Cinder”s arm. “Please! All I have is in this cart! Food for me; food for the city!”
Cinder gave him a long look and then grabbed one side of the cart handle. “Let”s get this done.”

The screams Cinder had heard were from a woman on a balcony. The building was shaking and she screamed for help, for safety for her baby. Myntilly and Sadi rushed to the building. Sadi whirled off her cloak in case she needed to catch the baby. Myntilly levitated up to the balcony and grabbed the baby.

Dyssko was looking for the right spot to try a fascinantion spell. Close enough for the monster to hear but not too close to the shaking building. Krylscar and I were trying to reason with the half-orc city guards. They were insistent on banging their weapons. I tried to persuade and reason without success. Krylscar at first tried to command them, summoning up his old days in the guard. But in the end, he resorted to bribery. Each guard got three gold pieces for the promise of a bit more stealth.

Dyssko”s patience paid off: he made eye contact with the monster and began his spoken word piece. I won”t try to recreate it here. That will be Dyssko”s job.

Unfortunately I don”t think his fascination worked any better than my spell. Myntilly and Sadi had successfully removed mother and babe from the shaking building. When she saw that Dyssko had failed to fascinate the monster, Myntilly thrust the baby into the woman”s arms, rolled back her sleeves and cast another round of lightening bolt. We all saw the monster flinch. Then it disappeared again.

“Gods damn it!” Kyrlscar threw his halberd to the ground in frustration. I was relieved to see Cinder at the intersection of the street, a look of concentration on her face. She was trying to hear where the monster had gone. From an alleyway behind Acgar stepped a brightly robed young man carrying a staff.

He raised his hands. “I am with the MTA. Everything is under control. I repeat: Everything is under control. The Magical Threat Agency is here.” As he finished speaking the building directly in front of me, a money lenders shop, began to shake. I left the others to figure out what the MTA is supposed to be. I walked up to the door of the shop, took a deep breath and opened the door. In the gloom of the shop, I could see the monster tearing at the back wall. I closed my eyes and prayed to Pelor. I had probably one chance, one spell. I called upon Pelor to unleash his vengeance on the monster. In an instance the monster seemed to shimmer with light then it collapsed. It was dead! I dropped to my knees in disbelief. I had half expected to be walking to my death and instead the monster was dead at my feet.

Outside, the silly MTA people were cordoning the area with long yellow strips of cloth. They asked us to go to the Slippery Eel to give a statement to the guards. Cinder hid in the building to see what they did in the clean up. Myntilly strode over to the site of the first destroyed building. Shifting through the rubble, she found some damaged tiles with runes on them. perhaps the monster had been summoned from another plane.

As we were sitting there, discussing the tiles and the monster and waiting to hear Cinder”s report, a beautiful young woman came to our table. She looked at each of us in turn and then her eyes settled on Myntilly. She thrust a piece of paper into her hands. “The Cusp of Sunrise. Meet me there at sunset. It will be worth your while.” She stopped and looked at us all again. “Dress appropriately.”
Myntilly started to ask “Who are….” and the woman interrupted. “I”ll explain everything tomorrow. I must go now. Please make sure you dress nicely.” She turned to go and stopped at the doorway. Cinder stepped past her, coming to join us. “All of you — dress appropriately.”

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