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Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on May 29, 2008

We left Cauldron, headed to an X on a map. “We”ve heard that a man named Crazy Jared knows a path into the Underdark. His hut should be about here.” No one mentioned the dragon.

We came over the crest of a hill. Below us was a round hut, surrounded by thatched walls. Crazy Jared”s place, just where Celeste said it would be. As we watched, though, a dragon swooped in and set fire to the hut! We saw a man come scrambling from the hut and begin yelling and jumping around. Acgar and I both spurred our horses down the hill. We must save Jared!


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It all started so innocently.

I was entertaining at a small club in Cauldron, The Broken Drum. I had a simple act and the public loved it. Dancing lights sent multiple colors throughout the club, light cast on a large stone sent rays of pale sunshine to every corner. Ghost sound allowed me to make the music.


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