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Tea with the Lord Mayor of Cauldron

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on April 19, 2008

Myntilly & the Lord Mayor

When the mayor invited us to tea I was surprised at how excited Elvis got at the idea of seeing him again. I”d never heard Elvis say one nice thing about him and in fact, now that he”s got it in his head to run for mayor himself, I thought the last thing he”d want was a photo opportunity.

I was pretty sure that we”d only been invited because of Myntilly. The mayor was so taken by her at the wedding, introducing her around to his friends and making little jokes to charm her.

When the invitation came we were sitting around debating what the orb was that we”d found in Skavin”s area. “It”s not magical” said Acgar. “And you can”t unlock it — not in any way I know.” Cinder tossed it to Buzz. He rolled it around in his palms. “Maybe” he said slowly. “Maybe it”s a cat toy.” Sometimes Buzz scares me with his brilliance.

We have only ourselves to blame for Elvis” sudden civic pride. We told him about Illyea being a statue in the mayor”s garden and our theory that she”s not the only living statue there. “Look for the tiger statue. That”s our fallen friend.”
He snuck in one night and now he won”t stop talking about it! He”s obsessed with freeing Illyea and the others and making a major publicity event out of it.

I have a bit more experience under my belt now, but I don”t relish another botched attempt to free Illyea. The last time I did so poorly at pronouncing the words on the scroll, that I am amazed I didn”t turn myself or some one else into stone! The idea of trying again and in front of the crowds that Elvis describes…… count me out. I do have some vanity. We”ll get another cleric, preferably one who has the correct training, to cast the spell.

We were introduced to Lord Valantrue when we first arrived at the mayor”s house. I was shocked. I honestly did not believe that he existed — at least not in a human form. I”m still not totally convinced that it is not the Beholder who turned Illyea to stone. Later Cinder mentioned that Valantrue never blinked. He stared intently at each of us, she said. As if memorizing our faces.

I broached the “tiger statue” with the mayor. I told him that we were ready to move it to its new home. “Thank you” I said, “for your kindness in holding it for us. My father is looking forward to having it in his permanent collection.”
“It”s my favorite piece!” cried the mayor. “Could I keep it just one more day?!”

That surprised the heck out of me. Why did he like it so much? Does he know what it really is. I smiled sadly. “Oh, Lord Mayor. You are a hard man to say no to…. Unfortunately so is my father. I must have this statue on the next wagon out. You know, you and my father — you have heard of Joachim Burningwood? He”s my father — you and he have a lot in common.”

Whew! He agreed to let us take the statue. Now to free Illyea. It will be good to have our tiger back.

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