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Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on April 5, 2008

We have the wands. Or, rather, we got the wands and gave them to Jenya. I think we are in time. I thank Pelor that I could be a part of his victory. We”re spending the night (our first full night”s sleep in several days) at St. Cuthberts. In the morning we will see about Sadi.

We made our way down a few dusty hallways, looking for the last wand. It seemed an unused area of the compound. As though to illustrate that, the first door Cinder opened was filled with spiderwebs. Huge, thick, sticky and scary webs. We closed and pitoned the door. The door next to it was the same so we took the same actions. No one wanted more zombie spiders in our faces.

The hallway turned to the right and I was hopeful that we could find the wand and avoid the spiderwebs. Inside the next door was a cat. A cat! It was a small room — probably a bed room. It smelled nice! It smelled fresh and I thought, “How is this possible?” I didn”t trust the cat, and in retrospect I was right. Elvis marched into the room and walked right up to the cat, who tolerated Elvis” attention, at least for a few seconds. Then it got down and left the room through a small, cat-sized door to the right.

Cinder let out a laugh. “Look at that small door! What will they think of next?” “Better check it for traps,” said Myntilly. As the flap of the door stopped swinging, there was a sudden wind in the room. It steadily blew harder until books and scrolls came flying off the shelves and twirled around in the air. We were all (except Buzz, who was outside with Sadi”s body) tossed about a bit and hit with flying debris.

Over the noise of the wind, I heard Cinder say “I hear voices in the next room!” Even though the wind kept lifting her off her feet, she managed to pick the lock. My sense of the wand pointed in the same direction so I opened the door and stepped inside. Unfortunately the door slammed behind me with a chilling finality. In the middle of the room was a small man and beside him was the cat. I took him to be Skavin and when fire balls flew from his fingertip and zoomed towards me, I knew I was right.

Next thing I know, I have a cat trying to claw my face and neck. The damned thing leaped at my chest and clawed her way up from there. I won”t lie and say that didn”t hurt; it did. And it broke my concentration — I tried two spells on Skavin to little effect.

I heard hammering on the door behind me. It was the most reassuring sound I”ve ever heard. Acgar was the first one through the door. As soon as I saw her, I knew I should rush Skavin and use my mace at close quarters. Between our melee and Cinder and Myntilly”s ranged attacks, we did some damage. Not enough to keep him from making it through a door behind him. Without a word, we rushed through the door.

And practically into the arms of a massive harpoon spider. Wondering what made those rooms full of webs? Yeah, welcome to a nightmare. Skavin and his cat were standing near the spider, as though seeking protection. The spider looked about 20 feet tall and about as wide. The sight of it stopped me in my tracks.

Myntilly must have nerves of steel — she fired off a round of magic missiles which hit and seems to have killed Skavin. The spider went nuts. It shot a spike at Myntilly and lodged in her. We later found out how incredibly lucky we are that she”s still with us. The spider might have succeeded in reeling Myntilly in like a fisherman with a fish. Guess that”s why they call them “harpoon” spiders.

We”ve learned (the hard way) that some fights you walk away from. Or in this case, run screaming from the room. We collected Buzz and Sadi”s corpse and struck out for Cauldron. Jenya was so happy to see us. I believe that we have saved Cauldron from flooding. I can sleep this night knowing that through our efforts people are safe. That is the best feeling in the world.

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