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[Meta] What to do with Sadi?

Posted in: Meta-gaming by Ariel on March 23, 2008

The first question to resolve: what do we do about Sadi? As you’d expect, Angel had an opinion, but, also as you’d expect, she wanted to defer to the group. I was torn — I really wanted to find a way to save Sadi but well, damn, we only needed three wands. To go back to Cauldron without all the wands…..

We decided to get the wands. With any luck we would get the rest of the wands and be back in Cauldron before the sun set. Now, the question was what to do with Sadi’s body? We decided to lug her around on the bed. Buzz was given the duty of keeping an eye on her.

We debated whether we could afford to pay for a resurrection or what we would do. Taj suggested the spell “reincarnation.” It’s a 7th level Druid spell, cheaper and quicker than “resurrection.” Sounds like Angel is game for it because here’s the catch — who knows what sex or race she’ll be when she comes back. Male gnome? Female half-orc?

It’s nice to have a cohort. Buzz was deployed to clear out some rubble. At every turn he said, “Yes, Miss Indira.” It was really funny.

We turned the corner and ran into a bunch of zombies. The place is crawling with zombies! Stefan’s character was at the other end of the zombie room. He rolled a dwarf Psionic guy. Really cool abilities.

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