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[Meta] Death Underground

Posted in: Girl Gamer,Meta-gaming by Ariel on March 20, 2008

Angel is such a good sport. I hope that I am as graceful when my time comes. Who”d have thought that one of us would die? We”d had such a kick-ass game the last session and now this?

First we had the zombie spiders. Gross. And for me the “duh” moment of

“I”m a cleric. I can turn undead.” And then I swear a moment later, Sadi (Angel”s ranger) was dead. The creature was HUGE. Or maybe GIGANTIC but either way, it looked like a T-Rex. Shit.

Stefan joined us again. We hadn”t seen him since our night at Keegan”s. He”s a nice guy and with no Susan, it was great to have him there to play Elvis. And I”m not saying that just because of the Reese”s peanut butter cups.

Everyone played well — for me & Deb, we were encountering creatures we”d never seen before. Zombie spiders? Animated skeletons? We should probably feel lucky that only ONE person died. Michelle has the devil”s own luck with dice. She rolled a 20 on the skeleton”s attack on Sadi. The she confirmed the crit, which was like three times the damage. Poor Sadi took, I think, 46 points of damage. And she only has 35 hit points. So, no chance for me to come and save the day. Bam! Dead.

That put a damper on things. But as I said, Angel was really great about it. She”s already thinking of a new character. We should plan on storing Sadi”s body somewhere, so that we can resurrect her if Angel wants. We”ve got Ilyea stashed away in the garden, why not Sadi?

A rousing good night. Exciting and unexpected, it was all that D&D is supposed to be. I cannot wait for next week. We”re coming back for that T-Rex and this time, it”s personal.


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  1. I suppose it’s worth mentioning that the T-Rex skeleton was huge, and couldn’t fit through any of the openings to the cave it was in. Therefore, it must have been transported there in pieces, then re-assembled and animated.

    Don’t forget, y’all _did_ manage to get the wand of control water that had been thrown into the room with the T-Rex.

    Poor Sadi, caught as the only person in the cave on the monster’s turn…a good death. Although I, as well, spent a few stunned moments wondering, “Did that just happen?”

    Comment by Springlatch Hammertacker — March 22, 2008 @ 7:40 pm

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