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[Meta] Conquering Tirel

Posted in: Meta-gaming by Ariel on March 11, 2008

We came; we saw; we kicked ass.
We almost canceled the evening”s game. No Angel, no Taj and, for a bit we thought no Susan. But soon we were ready to take on evil and win!

Deb played Sadi and Cinder and I played Myntilly and Indira. It was good to have all the PCs there even if we were missing the players. It was uneventful to get back to Tirel”s area of the buildings. Luckily.

Deb had the good idea to have Buzz try to talk his way into Tirel”s bedroom. It was touch and go, but for once Michelle”s dice had an off night. We got into her bedroom pretty easily and we beat her and the mobs pretty easily. I don”t think I”ve ever cast “hold person” successfully. I was shocked that it took and that it lasted. I was secretly glad that heat metal didn”t work. That would have been rough, having her roast in her own armor. No doubt she deserves it, but still…..

The whole night, until we got to the sonic boom, swear to god I”m the only one who took damage. Crazy. But I was out there in the forefront. I was really worried about what evil spells Tirel would throw at us. I had no idea what level she was and what she might do in combat. Thanks to our astounding luck, she never had a chance to take a single action.

The “spa spell” was just beautiful. Michelle planted that punchline very well. Speaking of beautiful — the wands! Oh wow, the wands are cool. As Michelle said, since Sarashem had to go all over collecting the wands of control water, they should all be different.

We”ve got this Buzz guy following us around. Michelle says that he is a cohort. I”m happy because I have someone to convert! Ha!
I tried to give that sense of him throwing in his lot with us in the Weekly update, when Buzz & Indira talk religion. He”s only a second level character, but I bet he”ll come in handy at least until we return to Cauldron.

It was a really fun night — aren”t they all? I think we all played well. Deb”s ideas about Buck talking his way into Tirel”s bedroom, the noise to bring the guards out, the great trap disabling….. Susan had a few killer rolls and many droll things for Elvis to say. Poor guy, hanging out with a bunch of women! Sarah”s Acgar is great! What”s not to love about an acid breathing half dragon? Poor Sadi and Myntilly were given only ranged attacks — arrows and magic missiles, respectively but they really helped!

We”re off this week, no game tomorrow. Sigh. I will miss the excitement, laughter and all-around FUN tomorrow. But that will make next week that much enjoyable. We”ve got an undead guy (hooray! turn undead!) and a evil-loving halfling to take on. I say “Bring it.”

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