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Sea Monster

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on February 29, 2008

Have I ever been so bone-weary tired? At the end of my watch, first watch of the night, Cinder relieved me and I had just closed my eyes when the ropes that control the cable car began to turn. What?!!? We all got to our feet in confusion. My first thought was that Tirel was escaping.

I flipped the brake lever so that the car would stop and we rushed to the door. In our haste, exhaustion and confusion none of us remembered the trip wire. Crap. The whole damned wall fell down onto Acgar. We got her out quickly — minor injuries, easily mended.

As we came outside we saw the cable car about 15 feet from shore, stopped dead, swaying slightly. We could see three figures in the car and we began to fire at them. We made short work of them. Cinder used her boots of striding and springing to leap up and grab the overhead ropes. She quickly made it to the car.

Meanwhile, on the other shore, Elvis was trying to make the cable car come to him. Cinder got the car started with the hand crank and traveled across the lake toward him. On their journey back, the brackets that held the car to the rope system failed. Cinder and Elvis fell 60 feet into the lake. Luckily, as we found out later, neither was too badly injured in the fall. They were, however, stuck 50 feet from our shore.

We could see them scramble up onto the wreckage of the cable car — good thing it was wooden! Later Cinder told me that she saw a massive, slithering wake speeding towards them. It moved so fast she didn”t have time to think! Suddenly a huge face was at her, eye to eye. The sea monster opened its jaws and hissed. And Cinder was in the water, wrestling with the monster. I had been up near the building, afraid of an ambush. When I heard Myntilly scream I hurried to her. She had seen the monster grab Cinder.

Only once before had I seen something like this — when Ilea wrestled with the cursed golden chain. I did what I should have done then — I cast enlarge person on Cinder. I hoped that this spell would give her a fighting chance against the monster. She would be larger and stronger. It did seem to help. To us on the shore it was as though the monster shrunk just a little; hardly enough, in my opinion.

Myntilly cast her magic missiles at the monster; I called down the wrath of Pelor which did seem to do some small damage, but no one else wanted to attempt anything for fear of hitting Cinder. The monster submerged. With the raft in the way, from a distance of 50 feet, I wasn”t sure what was happening. I began to tear at my armor. I was not going to lose Cinder. If I had to swim out there and destroy the monster with my hands, I would.

Meanwhile Sadi was quietly and quickly tying my silken rope to an arrow. She fired it at the raft and Elvis was able to attach it to the cable car/raft. We hauled the raft to shore and scrambled on. I cast bull”s strength on myself so that I could row harder and faster. The beast must have understood our intentions: we watched the wake move away from us at incredible speed.

In the blink of an eye, Cinder was 100 feet away. We saw her surface again, free of the monster. Sadi said, “She looks hurt.” That only made me row the harder. Pelor was with us — we closed the distance in a short time. We were close enough for Elvis to throw a rope to Cinder. She caught it but before she could do anything else, she was grabbed by the monster again. I could see several wounds on her. One near her shoulder was fresh with blood. Instead of wrestling with the sea monster, Cinder kept her head and held fast to the rope. Now we were effectively attached to the sea monster. What if he sounded?

We pulled at the rope, bringing the raft closer to Cinder. When we were 15 feet away, I dove in and swam to her. I was so afraid that we would lose her and I wanted her to have a fighting chance if the creature took her under water again. I cast my most powerful healing spell. You could see the vigor return to her face and limbs. She struggled free of the monster and swam towards the raft. If she had not, I would have been angry with her. Escape was the only plan. I turned to follow when the sea monster grabbed at me. At almost the same moment, Elvis threw one of the ropes to me. Instead of grabbing at the monster, I grabbed the rope! At that moment I had an inspired thought — this monster seemed unconcerned about any damage but what magic had hit it. Pelor help us; we needed magical weapons.

With my enhanced strength I was able to kick free of the monster within a few seconds and swim to the raft. “Magic. Magical weapons.” I sputtered. Myntilly grinned and pointed her wand. Cinder went for her spell-storing dagger. When I had my breath I blessed Acgar”s spear. Now the monster would know fear! A few stabs with Cinder”s dagger and the beast suddenly sank underwater. Is it dead? I hope so, but who knows?

We made it to shore. I collected my gear where I dropped it and we agreed that we were all beyond tired. We went back into the building that we”d scrambled out of just a few minutes before. We must rest and prepare to meet Tirel.

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