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[meta] Coy Nixie and beyond!

Posted in: Girl Gamer,Meta-gaming by Ariel on February 22, 2008

As a group I don”t think we”d decided where we were going after the wedding. Michelle sent an email saying she”d see us at the Coy Nixie for tea and crumpets, so we knew our first steps.
Susan had to work. That meant that Elvis would be missing. We decided that he”d had gotten very lucky at the wedding.

Inside the restaurant, Michelle donned a name tag and became “Nancy” our tourist bureau friend. We pumped her for info and also talked with frightened couple who pointed us in the right direction for Tirel, the red-haired woman.

The logistics of mapping the game are sometimes intense. Michelle has to figure out how far we can move, etc and with the walled city of Cauldron, it”s more complicated. Good thing she”s a science geek. We were dealing with vectors. Vectors! It”s a game. I failed Geometry in 10th grade; don”t make me relive the horror! I mean Sarah got out her scientific calculator at one point. Sheesh.

I was surprised and totally tickled to get to take on the guards. I”m not a strategic player. It”s very good to have the others giving ideas. Grappling, bull rush….. sometimes even my spells overwhelm me. Why didn”t I roll a Barbarian?

The leeches were so much *&%$#@ fun! We threw everything (including the soap) at these guys and nothing except glue slowed them down. I could not f-ing believe that my Nimbus spell didn”t do anything! I wanted them to implode or something.

Having confessed to failing math, my not understanding how far 500 yards really is probably makes more sense. I”m glad it occurred to me to mention the Locate Objects spell. We got one of the wands! W00t!

I wanted to press on and look for Tirel (or leave us in the room to pick up the action next week) but Taj was right, we needed to rest. Our characters had started off that “day” with lunch at Mary”s Place, then the wedding, the duel and the cable car….. We”re bushed.

It was a great night. I learned more gaming stuff — I”m really starting to understand the passage of time in combat. Rounds are quick but “minutes” take a long time. I am very close to leveling and then — prestige class!!!! I”m going for the (not surprising) uber-healer class called “Radiant Servant of Pelor”. I love playing a cleric. And I love playing with you guys.

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  1. You’re a wonderful healer, Beth; as thoughtful with your spells as you are with these blog posts.

    Comment by Cinder — February 22, 2008 @ 11:20 pm

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