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[meta] February 13th, Mary's Tavern & the Wedding

Posted in: Meta-gaming by Ariel on February 14, 2008

Our DM Michelle had a work meeting that would make her late for our game on the 13th. She asked me if I wanted to run a side adventure. I jumped at the chance. Deb & I are both interested in doing prestige classes and Deb”s has some in-game requirements. I figured I”d create a little scenario and see what happens…..

Since we”d already had the Dixie Mattress scenario, I picked Mary”s strip club as my location. In Cauldron, Mary”s is a strip club and an inn, so our heroes would need to get to the upstairs part to steal a journal.

We have lots of D&D minis (love them!) so I got out our entire stock and pawed through them. Minis are great because you can use them in real D&D — they come with stats! I was looking for babes for the stage and villains for upstairs and customers for everywhere….. Found a couple of hot monks (who knew?) and a great boss — a Blood Vol Cultist. He looked menacing. I picked a few other baddies including a wererat.

Michelle is a master of props. I didn”t think I could compete at her level, but I did make a little journal and I “locked” it with a piece of ribbon and some staples. That and the minis…… I was ready!

I made many mistakes. I think the biggest was putting out minis that are behind closed doors. Duh! The players shouldn”t know that someone is behind the door. Sigh. My favorite moments were with the wererat. I had him hidden in the bathroom, which was next door to the boss”s room.

Deb listened at the door and rolled well. I rolled a d20 for the wererat — I wanted to see if he accidentally made noise. I rolled a 1. I told Deb that she heard shuffling, like someone was in the bathroom, possibly using it. She knocked and I decided that the wererat was a smart guy: he knew he”d been made, but maybe he could fool the players. I let out a low moan. She knocked again and I said “There”s a bathroom downstairs! Arrrrgh.” They dismissed him as a sick person and moved down the hall. Ha ha!

Until, that is, Susan brought Elvis upstairs. Damnit. Our team is too smart. Susan did not trust having even a guy with the runs between her and her escape route. She rolled to smash the door. Took her two tries, but still. The wererat fought like, um a rat in a corner. He was tough, but Elvis is tougher. Lucky for Elvis, Indira (played masterfully by Gabby) was there with a couple of heals for him. The rat did bite Elvis and somehow (the luck of the incredibly good looking?) he avoided both filth fever and Were-infection.

About then the REAL DM showed up. Good timing. Deb and Taj had already taken care of the warlock boss, grabbed the journal and looted the body. We were ready for a wedding.

One of the things I love about Michelle is her creativity. NPC wedding? I”ll send evites to everyone! Since we were all excited about Gryffon and Haley”s wedding, we made a party out of it. Deb & I brought Ande”s mints. Susan brought sparkling cider. Taj brought carrot cake. Michelle also brought wedding cake with heart-shaped marshmallow peeps. Angel brought more drinks.

We “mingled” with wedding guests and got information from them. Michelle had created index cards to serve as guests. On one side was the name and on the other was a bit of info or dialog. Very clever and very fun. We each got a certain number of guest cards, based on charisma.

It was, as always, a blast. We have info and a plan on what to do next week!


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