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Crossroads: Save the Kids or Find the Boss?

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on January 12, 2008

After we caught our breath from the grappling chain, we had to decide where to go next…… One door smelled of rotten meat. Two had sounds of running water. One had sounds of activity. We picked that one.

You may remember that Mintilly threw Ilea’s lighted belt down the hall. Then she did it again. After the second throw, she ran (literally) into a trap and fell on a bunch of spikes.

We followed more cautiously. The two Hobgoblins at the end of the hall were delighted to see Cinder. Well, one attacked and the other rapped loudly and yelled at the door behind him.

Ilea, as a tiger, bounded up to one of them and pretty much tore his throat out. It was pretty awesome.
Mintilly was able to get herself off the spikes and climbed out of the trap to stand beside me.
Cinder took some cover around a corner for a ranged attack and Sadi loaded up her long bow, too.

As I was healing Mintilly (and muttering about having to mend her cloak) we were attacked by two more Hobgoblins and a couple of the insane dwarf guys. They had REPEATING crossbows. I had a moment of doubt, wondering if we would survive this fight. I traded blows with one Hobgoblin. Quite literally, he and I hit at each other at least three times. With our usual great teamwork and a bad-ass tiger, we made short work of the bad guys.

We had a moment to assess. There was a small hallway to the left (where Cinder had taken cover) with one or two closed doors. There was the door at the end that the Hobgoblin had pounded on and shouted. There was the hallway to the right — the Hobgoblins had come through a side door there. We went that way, figuring that the people who may or may not be on the other side of the end door way would be expecting us thanks to that rotten Hobgoblin, so we would go towards the ambush.

The side door that the Hobgoblins had used was a large dorm area with lots of beds and lots of weapons. Note to self: if we can get Obi down here, we can pile these weapons on him and sell them topside! Cinder searched it thoroughly — no one hiding.

As we moved farther down the hall, we surprised a bunch of people in a workshop. We saw two dwarf guys and one dwarf female at a table. The female had chains on her feet. There were two Hobgoblins standing over two chained halflings. We engaged the enemy. We figured that the chained people were NOT the enemy, so we tried to avoid hurting them. The last foe standing was one of the dark dwarfs. He dropped his dagger and raised his arms. I cast comprehend language on him and we were able to converse. He was able to understand me and seemed eager to help. He told us a bit of info (which all of you no doubt remember). The female dwarf was unhappy with my actions and the more I talked the more uneasy I became. I realized that by talking to him, I was allowing evil to remain in the world. He had to die. Immediately. I had never killed an unarmed person before. It was the right thing to do. I know that. I will ask Pelor to guide his soul — if that is possible; his soul is perhaps too dark and shriveled to come to the light.

Now. We stand here. The dwarf — Sondor — wishes to go above. One halfling — Jeener — is too overcome to do anything. The other halfling — Maple — is up for joining us. She is a rogue. We think that the big boss (what was his name?) was warned off by the banging and shouting at the door. Maple thinks that she can lead us to the holding cells. It would seem that we have two choices — lead the others to the surface or leave them here as we continue deeper. My heart says we cannot rest and cannot lead the two to safety — we should let Maple lead us to the cells. If we can save more than just three, I say we should. I want the boss, but his day is coming. Let’s deprive him of his prisoners.

See you Wednesday!

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