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At the sign of the Dixie

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on January 2, 2008

We wondered, after we had rescued Starbrow, we wondered where that hole in the ceiling might lead. Sadi, whose sense of direction is excellent, thought it was probably inside a shop across from Keegan’s. We would have to do some daylight reconnaissance.

It seemed pretty obvious that it wasn’t the dress shop or the bakery. It must be the dusty, darkened shop with barred windows. The faded letters on the glass say: “Dixie atress Comp”.

We left Obi, Sadi’s camel, tied up outside. Not very subtle, but how do you hide a camel? Inside the shop, after we dispatched a persistent orc, we entered a maze of matresses. It was dim and hazy in the shop. The twists & turns of the maze were designed to confuse and it worked on me. Cinder and Sadi seemed to keep their sense of direction. We discovered a few empty cages. Myntilly was smart enough to check and make sure they really were empty and filled with invisible prisoners. On the “wall” we saw a symbol for the Prison plane — Carceri.

We opened a door and surprised two guards at dinner. The room had a large amount of gold, much of it stamped with a harlequin symbol. The metal is real gold, but who is the harlequin? We also discovered several jars of black and white face paint. Sadi’s eyes lit up and she said, “Yin-Yang anyone?” We all agreed to make up our faces to be as the gang. The question you have to ask yourself is which side is white and which side is black? We took a 50-50 chance.

Outside the big double doors, the only doors, was a pile of metal tubing. It seemed to be the raw material for the cages. There was no way to get around the pile. We would have to balance our way across. I am not graceful, but that night, my clumsyness was catching. We all (except Myntilly, I think), we all fell all over the tubes. We made a holy hell of a racket! There seened only one way to move forward.

I got to my feet, straightened out my chainmail and threw the doors open. “Who in the bloody hell left that pile of tubing out there?! I could have killed myself. I saw several hobgoblins, an elf and one small dark dwarf. I strode up to the dwarf. “Are you in charge here? This is a total mess!” He looked at me for a beat, reached up and pulled down my collar. He snorted and said, “Kill them.” It was actually a fun fight. Ilea weilded her great axe and Cinder and Sadi rained arrows down. Myntilly’s scorching rays flew past me. The elf was fighting against the others, so we were happy to have another hand in the fight.

Quint, the captain of the militia, had come with us on this side adventure. He rounded the corner of the room while the fight was in progress. He gestured for Cinder to join him. From their vantage point, they could see another elf in desparate combat with two or three dark dwarves. Cinder dropped one of them with an expertly placed shot. My focus was the elf. He looked to be on his last leg. My duty was to get to him and dark dwarves be damned. As usual, I was lucky enough to be protected by excellent teammates. I think I sustained one crossbow bolt as I made my way to the elf. By the time I was in position to heal him, the fight was over.

The elves were brothers names Fellion and Farrio. They were looking for clues to the disappearance of a friend of theirs. We exchanged information. One of them pointed out quite rationally that the hole we’d seen underground was proably itself 10 or 20 feet under our feet. We could not find another door, so we left the Matress Company wiser and richer.

I will tell you about our meeting with the mayor of Cauldron later….

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