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Chapter One recap, part 1

Posted in: Chapter One recap by Ariel on December 20, 2007

Now that we are at the end of our first adventure (or perhaps I should say that we have ended a chapter of this story) I want to go back and wrap up the events that led us here.
I joined this band in a little town on the edge of nowhere. The local folks (including an acquaintance of mine, the innkeeper, Frida) were nervous about a stranger who”d moved to the town. Strange lights, strange sounds, strange faces surrounded his house.

The group lacked a main healer, so I joined up. It didn”t take us long to discover the secret of the wizard”s house. The townspeople were right: there were strange things connected to the house. The basement led to an underground system of caves. I fought my first sponge creature there. Later we joked about the ex-foliating properties of the creature”s limbs. Its skin was loofa-like.

The true source of the strange lights and sounds was unlike anything I”d seen in my travels and I hope to never see its like again. It was a troglodyte disco. The human slave we rescued was a handsome young man named Griffon. He came from Cauldron. He”d been kidnapped from his house and sold to the wizard and his troglodyte minions. We escorted Griffon to Cauldron and there found ourselves drawn deeper into Griffon”s kidnapping.

Some of our group were sad to learn that Griffon was engaged to be married. He had been kidnapped days before the wedding. Worse still (as we learned when we arrived in Cauldron) his bride-to-be, Haley, had vanished just days before our arrival. In talking with Haley”s parents, we found out that lots of people were disappearing. Griffon had been one fo the first, but the kidnappings had continued, unabated. In truly tragic fashion, four children from the orphanage disappeared the night before.

With reward money offered, we decided that we would make inquiries about the children. On our way to the orphanage, we passed by a man being beaten in an alleyway. It was three against one. Cinder, our rogue, climbed up the atoledo.com side of the building to get a better look. The rest of us waded into the fight. Who was right and who was wrong didn”t matter as much as three against one. Cinder leaped down on one of the attackers; Ilea laid into one with her great axe. Since I didn”t know who was good or bad, I aimed my mace swings at the attackers” knees. The attackers tried to run away from the suddenly even fight. They were dressed in dark clothes and their faces were painted half white and half black. Later in jest Sadi called them the Yin-Yang Gang and the name stuck. The victim was a young cleric of St. Cuthbert named Rufus. We escorted him back to his church. We were given an audience with the head of the church — I should say the acting head of the church. She was very nice and we were rewarded with a prophecy from St. Cuthbert. I do not agree with all of their tenets, but I know they revile evil as much as we Pelorians do.

We continued to the orphanage and they were helpful. One of the four children kidnapped was an odd boy named Terrem. I filed that information away for later. The matron of the orphanage suggested we check with the locksmith, Keegan. Those were his locks that had been breached by the kidnappers.
Thus ends part 1 of the recap.


  1. Haley had not been kidnapped. In fact, depsite urgings from her family and friends, she refused to believe that Gryffon had run out on her. There was a joyful and tearful reunion when Gryffon came into Cauldron. The wedding was replanned to occur within the month.

    Comment by Springlatch Hammertacker — January 21, 2008 @ 9:43 pm

  2. Dang it! How could my memory be so faulty! Of course they are getting married. We got kicked out of the inn to make room for the relatives. Sheesh. Sorry…. Wishful thinking on my part?

    Comment by Indira — January 21, 2008 @ 9:55 pm

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