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Divas Under Fire

Posted in: Play by Buzz on October 2, 2009

The Scene before the death
The Scene before the death

This is the scene as near as I can remember. That’s me in the corner, with Acgar. Right as the invisible hellcat attacked. We were in Nulin’s room and it was kinda fun. Dude was so insanely paranoid — I guess assassins kinda have to be, right? And so the place was like Booby Trap Land or something. The bed was all trapped and if you triggered it, it would slam into the wall like a possessed Murphy bed. Wild. There is a stream of lava that runs through the room. Came in handy later, but I’ll get to that.


Back From The Brink

Posted in: Play by Ariel on April 10, 2009


What I will relate here was told to me later or witnessed by me once I was revived by Sadi.

This is a picture of the first assassin taken by the Brass Trumpet security camera as she entered the club.

There were four assassins in all. Two were strictly hack and slash types like the one that almost killed me and the one that almost killed Acgar. There was also two spell casters: the red-haired lady and the sorcerer dressed like a sailor. I’ll probably never know which one killed Buzz.

As battle heated up, Brüs rushed in against the tide of people running away. He focused on Ian. Before he could reach Ian however, the red-haired assassin stepped out of the shadows.


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