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Learning the new game system has been fun but challenging. I’d forgotten how chaotic our D&D sessions used to be with people flipping through books and earnestly discussing Dexterity versus Strength. I remember how great it was to have my character’s stats by heart and to pick up the right die without thinking about it. We’ll get there and we’re still having a blast.

I was shocked to discover, in going through some gameplay pictures that Legos can get red eye and that Adobe fixes red eye regardless of species. Very egalitarian of them. Here are a few meta photos for you….

Sarah’s character Doctor Imago with the dreaded red eye. Yes, her character has the complication of being ugly as sin, which is due to the weird mule (the long-eared kind, not the vehicle) virus, but her eyes are not red.

I love this picture of Taj. What a smile. She is just handing the GM reins to Tad starting this week. We all agreed to run an episode of Serenity so that everyone has a chance to spend time behind the screen. Taj did a great job of setting up the universe for us and the props bar is set pretty high. Real tables?

This is a picture of Michelle’s hand taking a picture of the big fight with Black. Her T-Mobile Touch has a better camera than my camera. But my camera is, oh 5 years old? You can’t tell from this picture, but again Michelle’s Brigid made the killing blow. Blood bath socialite.

A late addition to the blog…. Taj just sent me this picture of us taking pictures of the game. This is the scene where Brigid puts the two mercenaries in the brig. From the left, me, Tad (Tad again, with my phone) and Michelle.

Sarah, bless her, loaned me a big bag of Lego parts. I just spent an enjoyable morning making an engine for Swei to work in. I don’t know if we’ll ever use it in gameplay, but it was really fun to make.

Little known fact #8: Legos makes great cat toys. And they hurt like hell when you step on them with bare feet. Here’s the engine of our ship. An HC 514 model. They don’t build ’em like that anymore!


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