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[meta] Ace in the Hole Do-Over

Posted in: Fluff,Meta-gaming,Serenity by Ariel on March 10, 2010

Angel was sick this past week and her character is integral for the next scene in Perdition’s prison, so we decided to do something you can’t do in real life: Do-Over! In gameplay last week, we were at the Ace in the Hole and we got ourselves captured by the authorities and sent to Perdition. But, what if instead we had put up a fight? What if we had kicked booty?

We had time, and we need to learn the combat system, so we redid the Ace in the Hole scenario.

It was fun! First Tad spent some of his hard earned credits on some custom Lego props. Guns and grenades, mostly and they are sweet! (Here’s a picture of my character, the explosives expert, with some of Tad’s hand grenades.)

So we decided to turn over some tables, take cover and give those Alliance bastards a fight they won’t soon forget.

Brigid and Roark got out their guns and headed to the back door.
Rule #1: Always bring the fight to the enemy.

Swei headed to the front door to stall the cops there. A smoke grenade helped create confusion, but as happens sometimes, it didn’t provide all the coverage expected. The cops moved to the left and engaged a patron in gun fire.

When Swei saw how ruthless the cops were, she literally dove under a table in hopes that they would not kill her.

Meanwhile, Roark found himself being grappled and Brigid got shot.
Maggie and the doc gave first aid.

In the end, they gave better than they got. Fighting is always messy and there’s a winner and a loser. I might one day ask Miss V if she’d ever killed a man before.

All that fightin’, all that blood and we’re still going to Perdition.
I hope the food is good in prison.

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