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Night in the Cathedral of Feathers

Posted in: Weekly Update by kaurophon on February 12, 2009

posted by Kaurophon

Pain. Searing pain, centered in my chest. Looking down, I see a six-fingered hand erupt through my chest holding a bright sphere of white light.



Gasping, I awake and look around the safe hemisphere Myntilly cast before we went to sleep. Indira, Myntilly, Sadi, all asleep. Alek on watch outside, Acgar heading to bed after her watch, Cinder wrapping her listening coin in layers of cloth and burying it in her pack. Rolling over, I try again to sleep inflatable tents.


Light slowly fades to show a face above the sphere of light. Weakness. I drop to my knees before the six-fingered demon prince.

“What a price you are willing to pay,” he cackles. He holds the still gleaming orb in one out-stretched arm. “Arise. A realm is yours, and my greatest general will lead with you.” He uses his other hand to beckon behind me. “Occipitus, come to me.”

Looking up, I see legs and torso appear below a cloud of smoke and flames. The demon prince extends his free hand. Reaching into Occipitus’ chest, he pulls out a non-reflective black sphere. He pauses a moment with arms outstretched, then turns and pushes the white sphere into Occipitus’ chest. “My lord…” Occipitus groans and falls to his usdesign-const knees, cracking the ground beneath him.

The demon prince turns to me. “And now, your turn.” As he pushes the black sphere into my chest, darkness falls.



Awake again, I hear voices. Alek, Cinder, a high voice I don’t recognize. Then Acgar? Sadi? Disoriented, I look around. Indira and Myntilly are still asleep. I listen a Wir werden Ihnen alles beibringen, was online casino australia Sie uber Online-Gluck Spiele wissen mussen. while, then stretch and try again to sleep.


A pristine landscape. Snow covered mountain peaks, a lush valley, a sparkling lake, all under an azure sky. I am soaring above it. Following the valley toward a sea that stretches as far as I can see.

A scream, gaining higher and higher pitch as it grows louder. Then, falling past me, the scream lowers in tone. Occipitus hurtles through the sky to the landscape below. As he strikes the ground, it shakes violently, and cracks radiate outward from his body. The mountains begin to crumble and rush into the chasm that widens, widens, widens…Fires erupt all around. Occipitus roars in pain as his body slowly sinks into the ground and his flesh flows outward onto the land. Eventually, nothing is left but his skull, half submerged, and lava erupts from one eye socket.

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