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[Meta] Rope Debate

Posted in: Girl Gamer,Meta-gaming by Ariel on February 8, 2009


So we were faced with a new dilemma last week, narrow rope bridges. How do we ensure that the whole party makes it across this series of bridges alive? With a bebolith hot for adventurer blood?

Susan was adamant that we should tie ourselves together with rope, like a mountain climbing party (do they still do that?). My character has a Dex of 10. No way am I going to be the one to bring the party down — literally. Oh yeah, below those 5 foot wide suspension bridges? 30 feet of air and then spikes.

Back and forth about the rope. We didn’t have Ashley and her shape-shifting druid to be our bear-form anchor, so who is strong enough to hold the rope in case one of us falls? And fighting a huge spider on suspension bridges, it seems likely that someone will fall. Alek is maybe strong enough but I wouldn’t trust him to stay focused long enough to hold on. He’d go running off to fight the bebolith. Which, by the way, is exactly what he did.

rope1Once Susan realized that Kaurophon was going to keep blipping back to the doorway, she decided he was the perfect anchor. Taj provided the rope prop. You may be able to tell from the picture that Angel , Sarah and I all opted out of the rope thing. Even with an unmovable anchor, I did not want to the cause of a TPK. And besides, with the bebolith roaming around, no way I was getting on a bridge anyway.

rawr Speaking of said bebolith, we didn’t have a proper figure for him, so Angel made one. You’ll note the fierce countenance and the “Rawr!!” Very scary.

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