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Bebolith Encounter

Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by Ariel on February 6, 2009

couatl10This place is making me suspicious. When I heard that Alek had been talking with a feathered serpent creature on his watch, I immediately tensed. Even though it had happened hours ago on third watch, I still braced for an ambush. I listened without comment as Alek described the creature and its advice to us. “Advice!” I scoffed to myself. “Not likely!”

Everyone else discussed the visit over breakfast. Acgar was coming off second watch and saw the creature. Sadi woke to their voices and peaked out of the hut to see. Even Myntilly woke up. I slept soundly, although Cinder said she tried to wake me. The creature, who said its name was Netzaquotl, travels to Octipitus every so often to see if anyone is attempting the test of the Burning Eye. Cinder said she asked the creature for advice on how to pass the three tests. According to Acgar, we got chided for trying to cheat. The creature then paused and then said “I will tell you this: You must work as a team. Stay together; stay true to each other.”

After breakfast Myntilly was standing beside Kaurophon talking. I caught the word “library” and joined them. “There’s a library? Where?”

Kaurophon turned to me. “You have a test to pass! This is not a Sunday picnic! Forget about the library!” Myntilly walked toward the right-hand door. “Is this the library?”

I opened the door. In case it was trapped I didn’t want Myntilly to be hurt. The room was huge and if I’d expected it to be in ruins like the rest of the cathedral, I was wrong. There were hundreds of books. the only thing was, the books were flying around about 20 feet above our heads. Myntilly cast mage hand to bring a book to her. As the selected book came forward seven other books flew at her. In a second they had all slammed into Myntilly and she collapsed at my feet. As she fell, the books fell.

Kaurophon began waving his hands and shouting. “I told you to forget the library!”

Sadi strolled up. “Those books attacked Myntilly? Well.” And she fiddled with the string of beads around her neck. Cinder grabbed Myntilly’s arms and tried to drag her out of the room. Before I could move Sadi threw the bead towards the back wall. A huge fireball erupted and the flames came with in a few feet of me. I turned to glare at Sadi. But she was being attacked by eight or nine books, so the look would have been lost on her.

Kaurophon was practically hopping around in anger. “We. Are. Wasting. Time!” Sadi was still standing after the book attack, but she was bleeding from several wounds. I healed them both and cast mend on Myntilly’s robes.

As we walked to the far door, Kaurophon was chattering on about the ancient ruler of Ocipitus. I was not listening. Instead I was thumbing through my spell book thinking about the upcoming fight with a bebolith. spider1

Kaurophon had told us that it was a huge spider-like creature. “But,” he cautioned, “it’s been 20 years since I was here. You might fight a different monster.”

As we entered the room, I saw a dessicated figure in a chair. It’s been awhile since I’ve turned any undead and the spell sprang to the front of my mind. When the figure began to rise, I reached for my Pelorian symbol. Kaurophon stayed my hand.


“Welcome” said the figure. At his words, Cinder, Sadi and Alek leapt backwards. Acgar, Myntilly and I stood still. “My name is Adimarchus. You have come to try the Test of the Burning Eye? Who has the strength? Who has the courage? Step forth now!”

I started forward and checked myself. The serpent had said we need to be a team. But half the team was behind us, fearful of Adimarchus…… Myntilly waved one hand and calmed the three in the blink of an eye. She turned to me, winked and said “Love being a favored Soul.”

We all lined up and stepped forward. “We do!” We spoke in unison. He nodded. “Behind this door (he motioned vaguely with his right hand) is an evil creature. Behind this door (the other hand moved) is a good creature. Choose! Choose now and fight that creature! Destroy the creature and you will have passed the first test. I have spoken.”

He slumped in his chair. Alek walked quickly to the left. “Alek? Wrong door.” Acgar shook her head. Cinder opened the right-hand door and stepped in. We could see a door at the far end of the room. The only way to get there was by using a series of narrow suspension bridges. Kaurophon began to speak. “The bebo–” and he disappeared. The door opened and Kaurophon tried to come back in the room. He reappeared at the threshold of the door.

Cinder walked up to him and said, “I guess you’ll be our anchor for the rope.”

rope2The last thing I wanted was to be attached to anyone. I am not very nimble and I’m not fond of heights. If I lost my footing and pulled one of my companions into a pit, if I survived, I’d never forgive myself.

Cinder took the front part of the rope. She stepped on to the first bridge. At that, we heard a scuttering noise coming towards us. Out of the gloom came a huge spider. Huge.

When it was still pretty far away, Sadi and Cinder let arrows fly. I murmured a blessing on their aim. The arrows did hit the bebolith, but it did not slow. Alek had his sword in one hand and his bow in the other. He looked between them for a moment and dropped the bow. He stepped past Cinder and about half way over the first bridge.

Myntilly threw an orb of acid at it. Acgar unleashed her acid breath on it. I called down the vengeance of Pelor upon it. All that and it slowed its approach to us. It stopped about 50 feet from us. Suddenly a spray of webbing flew at Acgar. She sidestepped it easily. She’s pretty big so it was an impressive move.

Alek took that moment as a chance to strike the spider unaware. But the bebolith was not surprised and grabbed Alek with three of its arms. With another two, it began to pull off his armor. The metal clanged as it hit the pit floor 30 feet below.

While Alek tried to swing his longsword, Sadi and Cinder shot more arrows. If they hit Alek, I’d heal him later. Their arrows might ensure there was a “later” for all of us. Acgar moved out on to the bridge, hoping to use her longspear. Myntilly fired magic missile after magic missile. Alek somehow stabbed the spider. In its surprise, it dropped him. He hit the edge of the bridge and fell into the pit.

I stood my ground. I could not heal Alek in the middle of battle. I could only hope that he was still alive. Myntilly’s orb reminded me of a spell I’d rarely used: Nimbus of Light. I concentrated and felt a heat in my hands. I looked down at the glowing ball forming between them. I waited, waited until the heat of the ball was almost too  much and then I flung it at the bebolith. As it hit, the bebolith simply exploded.

Myntilly levitated Alek from the pit. He was pretty banged up. Between the bebolith and the spikes in the pit, he had several serious wounds. As I tended him, Sadi looked in the bag of holding for spare armor.


  1. I DO love being a favored soul 😉

    Comment by Myntilly — February 9, 2009 @ 5:47 am

  2. Favored Soul NOT to be confused with FLAVORED Soul… which if I were… I’d probably taste Mynty!

    Comment by Myntilly — February 9, 2009 @ 6:35 am

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