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In the Cathedral of Feathers

Posted in: Play by Ariel on February 3, 2009

We moved deeper into the Cathedral of Feathers. At seemingly random times, feathers would float down from the ceiling, the broken stained glass windows would suddenly be whole again and I would feel my spirit lift.
Each time it happened I wanted to kneel down and give a prayer of thanks to Pelor for allowing me to witness this miracle. Unfortunately this was not a practical plan because sometimes the feathers fell during battle.

As we stepped into the next room, Myntilly made herself invisible. She stepped over to the right side of the room. At the far end I could see a statue. It was a hideous figure with wings and a pointed tail. Since early in our adventure we’ve had a distrust of statues. I made a note to stay away from it in case it came to life.

Sadi, Cinder and Alek moved to the left side of the room. There was more rubble on the ground and I could see Sadi and Cinder scanning the ceiling for Driders. Then several things happened at once. Myntilly must have been having a heightened reaction to the statue because she unleashed a lightning spell that blew it into several pieces.
It made a lot of noise.


At the same time, I saw a blurry figure appear in front of Alek. It was vaguely female and bathed in a shimmery white light. And then in the next moment, a wall of fire 20 feet high blocked my view of the left side of the room.

Acgar and I had just stepped toward Myntilly, which was a good thing since the wall appeared where we had just been standing. I found out later that Cinder & Sadi saw the female figure too. To them, at first, she looked like an angel. Later they found out the truth.

The wall of fire started at the base of the (now shattered)statue. I yelled to my friends that I wanted to get closer to the statue. The heat was intense and the fire seemed to suck away any sound. It was eerie. We moved cautiously, expecting an attack at any moment.

line-of-fireI had a status spell still active from our fight with the Driders. I knew that our companions on the other side of the flames were alive and uninjured. The shimmery white figure, however, worried me. I wanted, more than anything else, to be on the other side of the flames.

I have made a silly, and so far, silent vow to keep Alek alive. Considering his reckless behavior, I might fail, but I keep imagining riding up to St. Cuthbert’s with Alek at my side. Jenya runs up to Alek and in the middle of their tearful reunion, she meets my eye and whispers “Thank you.”

As we got closer to the statue, we realized that a giant salamander was squatting at base of the statue. It was belching flames and, if possible, looking very pleased with itself. Myntilly let loose another lightning spell. We saw an arrow land on the creature and burst into flame. Hooray for Sadi or Cinder!

I realized that Alek was unconscious. Aw shit. What was that shimmery creature?!

The salamander suddenly turned white all over and bellowed. Acgar was close enough to see clearly. “Frost!”
Myntilly turned to her excitedly — “Yes, of course! Cold spells….. I don’t have any cold spells! Yet.”
“Alek is unconscious. Does Sadi have a cold spell?” I suddenly felt stupid.
“Gotta be Karuphon,” Acgar said with a shrug. “Let’s see what it thinks about acid.”

The creature bellowed as each new spell hit it. The flame wall began to wavier. I could see the shimmery figure move towards Cinder. And then I felt Cinder fall unconscious too. She wasn’t injured, like Alek, she just suddenly was out. Like she’d been hit over the head.
I saw Sadi draw her bow as if to shoot at the salamander, and then at the last moment she turned and shot the shimmery figure. As the arrow hit, I realized that it was a succubus.

Sadi’s arrow lodged in her chest. She screamed, beat her wings and then disappeared.
A few moments later Karuphon, Myntilly and Acgar had defeated the salamander. The wall of flames vanished and I ran across the room to Cinder. She was unconscious but unhurt. Alek was about 30 feet away, but when I checked him, the same.

We’ve laid them side by side. Karuphon has assured me that they will wake up without any damage from their brush with a succubus. I pray that he’s right. I pray for myself as well. Something is changing inside me. I feel sullied by this battle, this place. Is the evil of Ocipitus poisoning me?


  1. Wow, great description–how do you remember all the details? Do you log it during the game, or fictionalize afterward?

    Comment by fergusonfinn — February 5, 2009 @ 5:56 pm

  2. Thanks for the comment! I write it up afterwards. I have a really good memory. Every once in awhile I flub something, but the story is so rich that it’s easy! I love that the blog let’s me extend my gameplay. Our DM posts sometimes too, as NPCs. Fills out the backstory.

    Comment by dungeondiva — February 5, 2009 @ 6:26 pm

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